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glGUI File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
CUI_Button.cppCode implementation for CUI_Button
CUI_Button.h [code]Any sort of button in the UI
CUI_ComboBox.cppA combo box (chooser / dropdown box)
CUI_ComboBox.h [code]A combo box (chooser / dropdown box)
CUI_Console.h [code]A single line editable text box
CUI_Control.cppA higher-level frame
CUI_Control.h [code]A higher-level frame
CUI_CoordSys.cppImplementation of CUI_CoordSys
CUI_CoordSys.h [code]Coordinate system for frames
CUI_DraggableFrame.cppCode implementation for CUI_DraggableViewFrame
CUI_DraggableFrame.h [code]A frame that can be dragged around inside its parent's area
CUI_DraggableViewFrame.cppCode implementation for CUI_DraggableViewFrame
CUI_DraggableViewFrame.h [code]A frame that has a draggable view
CUI_EditableTextBox.h [code]Editable text box
CUI_ErrorHandler.cppCUI_ErrorHandler implementation
CUI_ErrorHandler.h [code]A message box
CUI_FixedBMFont.h [code]Implementation of IUI_FONT
CUI_Frame.cppCode implementation for CUI_Frame
CUI_Frame.h [code]The basic element of the UI
CUI_ListBox.h [code]A list box
CUI_ListItem.cppCode implementation for CUI_ListItem
CUI_ListItem.h [code]A simple class for keeping track of items in a list
CUI_Menu.h [code]A menu
CUI_MenuItem.cppCode implementation for CUI_MenuItem
CUI_MenuItem.h [code]A simple class for keeping track of items in a menu
CUI_MessageBox.cppA message box
CUI_MessageBox.h [code]A message box
CUI_MultipleStateButton.cppCode implementation for CUI_Button
CUI_MultipleStateButton.h [code]A button with one or more states
CUI_PolyEdgeBorder.cppCode implementation for CUI_PolyEdgeBorder
CUI_PolyEdgeBorder.h [code]Simple implementation of IUI_Border
CUI_ProgressBar.cppCode implementation for CUI_ProgressBar
CUI_ProgressBar.h [code]A general purpose progress bar
CUI_RadioGroup.cppA group of radio buttons
CUI_RadioGroup.h [code]A group of radio buttons
CUI_RadioItem.cppCode implementation for CUI_RadioItem
CUI_RadioItem.h [code]
CUI_Registry.cppClass implementation for CUI_Registry
CUI_Registry.h [code]Class definition for CUI_Registry
CUI_ResizeButton.cppA button that can be dragged to resize its parent frame
CUI_ResizeButton.h [code]A button that can be dragged to resize its parent frame
CUI_Resource.h [code]
CUI_SAXLoader.cppSAX parser handler for loading xml gui files
CUI_SAXLoader.h [code]SAX parser handler for loading xml gui files
CUI_ScrollableFrame.cppA scrollable frame
CUI_ScrollableFrame.h [code]A frame with viewable area and on-demand scrollbars
CUI_ScrollableTextBox.cppA scrollable text box
CUI_ScrollableTextBox.h [code]A list box
CUI_SimpleShader.h [code]Class definition for CUI_Shader
CUI_SliderBar.cppA general purpose slider bar
CUI_SliderBar.h [code]A general purpose slider bar
CUI_TextBox.h [code]Extra text functionality over CUI_Widget
CUI_TextField.h [code]A single line editable text box
CUI_UI.cppCode implementation of CUI_UI
CUI_UI.h [code]Class definition for CUI_UI
CUI_VarBMFont.h [code]Implementation of IUI_FONT
CUI_Widget.cppCode implementation for CUI_Widget
CUI_Widget.h [code]The basic element of the UI controls
IUI_Border.h [code]Interface for a frame border
IUI_Font.h [code]Basic resource class for resource to inherit from
IUI_Renderer.h [code]
IUI_Shader.h [code]Class definition for IUI_Shader
IUI_Texture.cppImplementation of IUI_Texture
IUI_Texture.h [code]Class definition for IUI_Texture
UI_Lib.h [code]
UI_types.h [code]Global types used in glGUI

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