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glGUI Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CUI_ButtonAny sort of button in the UI
CUI_ComboBoxA combo box
CUI_ConsoleA console
CUI_ConsoleFunCfun - internal class - not exported to DLL
CUI_ConsoleVarCvar - internal class - not exported to DLL
CUI_ControlA higher-level frame
CUI_CoordSysCoordinate system for frames
CUI_DraggableFrameA frame that can be dragged around inside its parent's area
CUI_DraggableViewFrameA frame that has a draggable window space
CUI_EditableTextBoxAn editable text box
CUI_ErrorHandlerThe GUI error handler
CUI_FixedBMFontImplementation of IUI_FONT
CUI_FrameThe base class for UI elements
CUI_ListBoxA list box - high level control
CUI_ListItemA simple class for keeping track of properties of items in a list
CUI_MenuA menu or submenu
CUI_MenuItemA simple class for keeping track of items in a menu
CUI_MessageBoxA Message Box
CUI_MultipleStateButtonA button with one or more states
CUI_PolyEdgeBorderSimple implementation of IUI_Border
CUI_ProgressBarA general purpose progress bar
CUI_RadioGroupA radio button group
CUI_RadioItemA simple class for keeping track of properties of items in a radio group
CUI_RegistryResource registry
CUI_ResizeButtonA button that can be dragged to resize its parent frame
CUI_ResourceA base font interface
CUI_SAXElementInformation about An xml element stored in a stack in the SAXLoader
CUI_SAXLoaderSAX parser handler for loading xml gui files
CUI_ScrollableFrameA Scrollable Frame control
CUI_ScrollableTextBoxA Scrollable Textbox control
CUI_SimpleShaderA general purpose surface shader
CUI_SliderBarA general purpose slider bar
CUI_TextBoxA simple widget filled with text
CUI_TextFieldA text field
CUI_UIInterface to the entire UI
CUI_VarBMFontImplementation of IUI_FONT
CUI_WidgetThe basic element of the UI controls
IUI_BorderInterface for a frame border
IUI_FontA base font interface
IUI_RendererInterface for rendering the UI
IUI_ShaderInterface for shaders

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